Transparency Portal


Transparency and accountability are fundamental to the Better Work approach.

This website discloses the names of the apparel factories registered with Better Work country programmes and their compliance data, collected using a Compliance Assessment Tool that is aligned with international labour standards and national labour law.

Transparency has the potential to stimulate factory progress, improve working conditions, bolster the competitiveness of the sector and encourage ethical sourcing.

And in Better Work’s experience this works. Since the programme first started disclosing compliance with labour standards in Cambodia in 2014, the number of factories meeting those standards jumped by 57 per cent in three years—and this was while revenues in the sector grew to their highest recorded levels.

Currently information is available from factories in Haiti, Indonesia, Jordan, Nicaragua and Vietnam. Refer here for insights from Cambodia.

Better Work is developing a new IT system, including a new and improved Transparency Portal (See FAQ for additional information). Many assessments in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam are already being conducted using the new system. Data from these assessments is not displayed on this Transparency Portal, but will be posted on the new Transparency Portal as soon as it is launched.

For more information about the Transparency Portal, please look at the About page.

Better Work is a collaboration between the United Nations International Labour Organization (ILO) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a member of the World Bank Group.